Meet Jermaine Ollivierre - Artist in Residence

Can you describe your work for us in 7 words or less

Fearless, sincere, malleable, resilient, ephemeral, stubborn, and necessary.

Being an artist can be a challenging profession, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Failure is inevitable, but so is your rise; keep moving forward and trust your intuition.


What are you listening to at the moment?

The playlist ranges from Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man to 90’s Trap Music, but currently, I’m listening to Jay-Z’s Smile, King Los’s, Ghetto Boys, and Meek Mill’s, What’s Free.

What do you look at for inspiration?
I draw my strength and inspiration from family.  Obstacles faced and maneuvered, my failures and how I remained persistent with an even more persistent support system.  I’ve learned so much from family, through all adversity, disenfranchised, and exhausted we still prevail; and I try to evoke those qualities in my work.

What artists inspire you most?

Karyn Olivier, Destiny Palmer, and Kara Springer have been major influences in how I approach material, and how I’m thinking about the subject matter.  Experiencing each artist's work has affected me in a positive way and continues to motivate me in my practice. The genius of their work is something I strive for indefinitely.

Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with?

I look forward to working with Theater Gates, how he’s thinking about art making, blurring practical and theoretical lines fascinates me and empowers me to create work that challenges systems in society.

What’s something that you learned early in your career that you feel made you a better artist?

Work ethic and time management is something I learned from my Professors (Bertha Gutman, and Jaime Brett Treadwell) at Delaware County Community College.  Dedicating time to focus on ideas and working religiously on those ideas have expedited my development as an artist.

Why did you apply to become a resident at Jasper Studios? And what did you hope to achieve during the residency program?

Jasper Studios has given vital support to many emerging artists in the Philadelphia area, and are genuinely interested in the success of the artist.

Exploring molasses and trying to change the material has been a humbling experience; realizing my forceful approach was flawed.  The opportunity arose from the 'molasses dilemma', and instead of willing the material I’ve learned to collaborate with it.

Jermaine Ollivierre