Meet Stephen D'Onofrio - Artist in Residence

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Can you describe your work for us in 7 words or less
Joan Mitchell handmade Ikea fruit bowl.

Being an artist can be a challenging profession, what advice would you give to your younger self?
Go to the studio earlier and stay there later. Make it your job to make/retain as many helpful friends as possible. Play the social media game. Write about your work as often as you can.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Ologies podcast

What do you look at for inspiration?
I’m constantly taking pictures, usually of patterns or repeated forms that I see throughout the day. I like things that are mass produced or feel ready to be. I look through magazines and instagram accounts of home decor and retail design shops. I often surf through websites like Ikea, Wayfair, Pier One, HGTV etc.  At the same time I am reading and re reading art history books and pulling from artists from the past. Lastly, I’m looking at my friends and peers and artists showing today.


What artists inspire you most?
The Chicago Imagists

Who would be a dream artist to collaborate with?
I’d like to bake a cake with Martha Stewart.

What’s something that you learned early in your career that you feel made you a better artist?
Letting go of any romanized “artist” stereotype and just focusing on being productive.

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Why did you apply to become a resident at Jasper Studios? And what did you hope to achieve during the residency program?
I wanted to learn more about Philadelphia. I was particularly interested in the role that Philly had played during The Industrial Revolution and the city’s relation to the Arts and Crafts Movement. I was also intrigued by Philly’s contemporary art scene and I was hoping to get a better feel for the opportunities here. I moved to Philly and wanted to find a space where I could practice my art and embrace a new city. The Jasper residency allowed me to focus in on my projects while gleaning from Philly’s history and exploring new ideas. I needed a place where I could be productive and feel inspired and Jasper Studios provided just that. I have been able to expand my body of work with a number of paintings that were surely influenced by Jasper and Philly.